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    Servers in SouthEast US apt for heartbeat usage

    We need to rent two servers located in Florida or Atlanta to serve static images to South American users. We need the following features:

    - Bandwidth providers must include Global Crossing
    - 1500GB or 2000GB of b/w per server
    - Any CPU
    - 512 MB RAM
    - Any size of disk
    - 100 mbps port
    - 2nd NIC card with crossconnect between both servers
    - RHEL, CentOS or Gentoo
    - Remote reboot
    - Both servers must be in the same VLAN and must share a block of 8 or 16 IP addresses. I.e: server1, server2, gw, broadast We need this to use heartbeat, so that if one server goes down, service is not interrupted. heartbeat uses send_arp to modify the router's cache and make it switch between servers.

    I asked GNAX about this but the salesperson said the VLAN setup was not impossible, not even for an additional setup fee. Voxrox can do it, but they are up in New York. I wanted to know if someone closer to South America can do it. Otherwise, I'll get them at VoxRox.


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    Check dedicated offers

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    why exactly do you need to be in south america, it will be more stable up north and the speeds will be almost exactly the same
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    I'm don't know where in South America you're however, I would like to advise you, that depending where you are, you may be faster routing on a server in NY than in Miami (to say it as example).
    In Argentina (from where I'm), one of the ISP that I use, it route to the USA through Madrid, London.
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    Try . They have servers located in the NAP of the Americas located in Miami. The amount of carriers they have coming from south America / Latin America is amazing. This is a quote from Terremark's site: "Switching the majority of South America, Central America and the Caribbean's layer-1, layer-2 and layer-3 traffic bound to more than 148 countries in the world, NAP of the Americas makes it the unrivaled gateway to the Americas."

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