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    Convert VHS to AVI/MPEG?


    I'm wondering if a device exists that can help in converting some VHS movies I have to a digital format so that I can edit them with my computer.

    Any direction on the topic would be great!


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    I've never seen anyone do this, but I'd imagine you'd have to hook the VCR up to your computer, and get a specially programmed application to rip it from the VCR.

    Which probably, technically, would be illegal.

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    Yes and it's very easy to do. Something like this will get you going - - you will also need to connect a sound input to your soundcard as this just takes s-video/composite video output and converts it to a USB connection.

    There is tons of software out there which will let you then capture the video, or you can just use Windows Movie Maker which comes with Windows.

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    It cost $90, but it works very well. I converted a video for my cousin (of his son)... he was floored... I've converted a couple others over with great results. Best part is it comes with software to create your own DVD (menus, etc). The quality is great; you can’t tell the VHS from the converted DVD. Of course, if you have a crappy VHS, you will still have a crappy DVD. lol

    You can also hook it up and record TV stations or watch TV on it... I often have the news open (behind my browser) and listen to the news....

    Very easy to use and operate since everything comes in the box. When I got mine, the remote did not work, but the company sent me another for free (as they should). It was a fast ship.... nothing else has went wrong... had for six months.
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