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    FreeBSD Firewall - APF, CSF


    I have a FreeBSD box, and I`m trying to install Firewall. I have tested APF and CSF, and in both cases installation has failed.

    Have someone experience with those two firewall on BSD box, I like apf, looks easy-to-use (configure), but I got some errors like:

    server# ./
    Installing APF 0.9.6-1: cp: /etc/cron.daily/fw: No such file or directory
    chmod: /etc/cron.daily/fw: No such file or directory
    source: not found
    [: unexpected operator
    vnetgen.def not found, aborting.

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    Why not using a beautiful firewall like IPFW? I dont think APF works well with FreeBSD.

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    APF doesnt work on freebsd due to the fact its iptables based.
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    Thank you for your reply linuxcares,

    you wrote "beautiful" what is so far from words "suicidal, dangerous,..." which I have always met while reading articles about IPFW.

    I don`t know, if it`s best solution on FreeBSD (looks like only one so far approved on BSD) I`ll try... If someone has some really good tutorail about IPFW can post here, tnx.


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    Everything is properly documented on their official website. See this.

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    IPFW is terrific - I use FreeBSD on all my servers and have custom ipfw rules on every box.

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    Yeah ipfw2 specifically gets my vote (anything 5.x on up default compiles ipfw2 vs the older ipfw, typically not a huge difference noticeable to the end user).

    Not sure were suicidal or dangerous comes into play with ipfw2 (unless of course you forget to RTFM if you get stuck before just adding rules, in which case then same goes for anything iptables based as well...).
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    FreeBSD as PF built in. PF is actually from the OpenBSD project, and in my opinion is far and away the best firewall around. Just google, there is plenty of info around. If you're already familiar with something like ipfw then I guess use it, but if you don't have a preference then PF is the way to go on fbsd.

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    have you tried "cerb" ?
    Also I agree with pergesu that PF is not a bad choice at all.
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