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    Question Do you hire Graphic Designers?

    I am wondering how many of you out there selling web development/design services hire professional Graphic Designers for your customers' projects... And if you do, do you use them for the sites' look and feel too, or strictly for logo and other images. How do you go about choosing a designer?

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    I assume you're asking this to people in the hosting business that also offer website design to clients?

    We're not a hosting company, but a website and graphic design company and we usually don't outsource work to other people, unless it's something we're not specialized in.

    Best way (in my opinion) to find the right web/graphic designer is creating a topic right here on WHT and describe what you are looking for. If you ask people to post or pm their their past work and rates you will most likely find some individuals or companies that can offer what you're looking for. At least this is what I would do when I was in need of someone to do some work for me.

    Of course there are also other forums and some 'freelance sites' where you can post a project and let freelance designers do you a proposal.

    My tips:
    - Take your time to find out what and who you are looking for.
    - Ask EVERYTHING you want to know to those designer that you are considering.
    - Maybe ask for some testimonials and contact information of their past clients and ask how it was to work with them.

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    I have used graphic designers in the past, mainly for specialised stuff that I can't do personally, but also if I have a big job on I may outsource the graphics while I get on with building the site.

    It always pays to look at their previous work to see if they can create the sort of style you are looking for and as zenddex said, get some testimonials!

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