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    [FOR HIRE]2-1/2 years experienced Linux SysAdmin

    Hello WHT,

    My Name is Rahul, I am a llinux sysadmin having 2 -1/2 years of experience. I am currently looking for a remote sysadmin job. I will be available to work in any shift. Please read through the details below to know more about me.
    Linux Systems Administrator

    Email:[email protected]

    I am a highly motivated and skilled system administrator who is currently looking for a new job opportunity. I am seeking a challenging position which will allow for growth and new experiences.


    Linux systems and network administration are my primary interests. I have
    extensive experience with multiple UNIX-based operating systems with an
    emphasis on FreeBSD, Fedora Linux, and network security, network design and
    UNIX backups. I have experience with high traffic networking including load
    balancing technology. I have also got a good knowledge in shell scripting. I learn new concepts and systems quickly and am receptive to new ideas. I work
    well alone or in a group and also have experience managing groups.

    Technical Experience

    Operating Systems:
    * 2 years Linux (SuSE,Redhat,Debian,Slackware,Ubuntu)
    * Familiar with Windows 9x ,2000,NT
    * Complete understanding of TCP/IP, UDP, ICMP
    * Network troubleshooting
    * Server configuration
    * DHCP

    * Advanced knowledge of Unix security
    * Secure internet services
    * LAN/WAN security, VPN
    * Encryption ( SSL)
    * SSH (SSH v1, v2 and OpenSSH)
    * Kerberos 5 (Heimdal)
    * Host-based security: OS hardening, disabling or encrypting unsafe
    network services
    * Network/Host Security Auditing
    * Apache HTTP/HTTPS servers (versions 1.3.x/2.0)
    * DNS (BIND 4/8/9)
    * Vi, and Vim
    * NFS
    * NIS/YP
    * NTP, ntpdate
    * PPP (FreeBSD Kernel PPP)
    * SMTP (Postfix, Q Mail, Sendmail, procmail, majordomo, listserv, mhonarc)
    * Samba
    * Source code control (CVS, RCS, SCCS)
    * X Window System (configuring servers, desktops, application servers,
    Database Administration:
    * MySQL
    * Programming/Scripting:
    * Intermediate level, mostly systems automation and maintenance tasks
    * Shell scripting
    * Limited C debugging
    * Good knowledge in PHP/MYSQL programming
    Please do contact me if you need further information. Thank you for reading. Have a nice day


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