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Thread: Backup Mail

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    Backup Mail

    I'm looking for a backup mail solution for my customers so they will not lose mail when I screw up the server.
    I've found plenty of them, but none offers high volume (100+ domains).
    Or should I just get a cheap dedicated server?

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    Or maybe a virtual dedicated? Should be cheaper.
    Alex Llera
    Professional Server Management

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    Private Server

    Definately a private server:

    For $34.95/month you can get a box on which you can configure mail forwarding for your domains. It would be a manual process (unless you figure out how to automate it) but would do the trick just fine.

    And no I don't work for Remarkable nor do I have an affiliate relationship with them. I am merely a satisfied customer.
    Justin McMichael
    Tech Fidelity, LLC

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    $35/month is still a little over my budget for just mail backup. Is there anybody willing to offer me 1GB of transfer and 100MB of space or something for about $10? I don't need a website, just some way to backup my clients mail.

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