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    Directory to Subdomain (.htaccess)


    I was looking for help so that i can make my directory appear as a subdomain.

    Say, I have a directory -
    and i want people to use that directory through -

    I know this can be possible if I redirect my users through header() function in php with wilcarded domains. But i wanted it to act like a real subdomain.

    Is it possible?

    As far as i know, this can be done editing .htaccess. but i dont know how to do it.

    I have got full confidence that is doing sth like that. They are using one set of joomla (even 1 database) and giving out hosting for all for free.

    I dont want any hosting script. I just need that directory turned into subdomain script.

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    Depends how picky you are about it.

    redirect permanent /yourdirectory

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