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    Thumbs down --- Any worse?

    I have been a VPS customer of two times now.

    The first time I canceled my account due to errors, errors and even more errors.
    The "support" dept of kept telling me lies about things was going to be fixed etc etc. When they couldn't fix the most elementary things they even accused me to make the server trouble myself changing settings etc. I didn't change anything at all.

    Ok, the time went by and I tought I should give them another chance so I signed up again with them some days ago and you know what? The same problems showed up again as soon as my account was setup! I have contacted the support several times now in the past days and the same goes on as last time: "will be fixed" "works here" etc etc. This is so LAME!!

    Anyone else having problems with this "company"?

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    If you had such issues with this company before why did you sign up with them again? I see no points in it at all. How much did you pay them? Do the have a money back guarantee?

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    I signed up with them again because they have a pretty good offer and because the owner of the company wrote me in personal several times trying to get me to stop my cancellation the last time I where there. He made a lot of promises about thing getting better so I thought why not.... Yes, they have a money back guarantee and I will use it.

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    You might not get your money back if you have been a customer before. Better check their terms of service.

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    You might not get your money back if you have been a customer before. Better check their terms of service.
    Agreed. Generally a money back guarantee covers a first time around with a company.

    Kudos to you for giving them a second chance, but chances are you are sol
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    Weird, I just read a really nice review about those guys yesterday..
    Guess it's can't have everyone happy
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    Quote Originally Posted by CaroNet-Hesham
    Weird, I just read a really nice review about those guys yesterday..
    Guess it's can't have everyone happy
    Exactly! No big webhosts can make all their clients happy :p

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    I am just wondering what problem you had with your VPS?

    It seems like it is the same problem when you first signed up?
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    Sorry to hear of your troubles... twice.

    I've been a customer for 3 years or so now, VPS for less than a year now. Things haven't always been perfect... if they were, I think I'd really be worried... but in general I would have to say that they have always come through for me.

    Sometimes it helps to elevate to level 3... but I think frontline support just about anywhere can be hit or miss, no offense to frontline support staff, I just think level 3's obviously have considerably more knowledge in general and probably a much more detailed knowledge of the specific setups within each company.

    I would even say that they have often gone well beyond what would be considered "provided support" by installing or configuring this, that, and the other when I've asked without fuss or cost, which me have been an extra charge at most hosts.

    Their live chat is almost always accessible and ticket response is usually quick... they did just switch support scripts and I have to say I'm liking the new one even less and response seems a bit slower... but maybe once they get things up and running at 100% it will be better.

    I would certainly suggest talking with some of the level 3's to see if they can identify the issues you have been having. It does seem a bit peculiar that you are experiencing the exact same issues as before, and it seems as though these are immediate issues... may be worth checking all the scripts you have running to see is something in particular is throwing a fit and causing trouble.

    I would say HFW has been one of the best kept secrets in the hosting industry... not often on people's lists with more known and popular firms, but very rarely do you hear negatives about them.

    Good luck lindab2
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    lindab2, how are you?

    Could you please PM me your server info, VPS hostname or any ticket ID please.
    Thats wierd issue, and I really hope you can help me to investigate it.

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