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    $4 Domain Sale. ALL AT GODADDY! Free Push!

    Most domains $4. Buy 5 get 1 free of equal or lesser value only!!!! I have a hosting bill to pay this month these have got to go. You can not buy 5 $4 domains, and expect a higher priced one for free!

    Any domain within 30 days of expiration will only be $2. They are set to auto renew, so i'll repost at the end of 30 days at $10 each.

    You can view the list at Any amounts over $4 listed in bold next to domani

    I had it all typed up here, but my formatting was broke upon hitting submit.

    Free push to any godaddy account within 12 hours. Payments by Paypal Only. All C.C. accepted!
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    Also posted at Namecheap

    and DigitalPoint

    you're looking at it.

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