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    Christmas Cheers

    Hey all!

    I've seen there is a christmas thread posted right now......

    I was just at the bar for a couple drinks and remembered there is a christmas fund this small bar does.

    I always donate $50 a year but am hoping that some of you will too!

    I do not donate to alot of people because my theory is "GET A JOB" but this fund helps poeople in this SMALL town (adults that dont have a high paying job because nothing is offered that is a respectable pay without going ~ 60 miles north or south) pay for their kids presents!

    The peoples names are never mentioned by the "orginazation" (as I like to call it) because we don't want people to feel guilty for not making enough money.

    PLEASE, if you're interested (even $1...PM me and let me know if you want to donate......also talk about it in the thread if you have general questions or comments!!


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    I don't like supporting people like that, but what the hell...

    I may give ya a PM soon.

    Can we send via PayPal?

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