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    Xeon or Opteron?

    I'm wondering what's better for a webserver. Xeon 5050 or Opteron 270?

    Thank you
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    It depends on what you need.

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    I've worked with both. I have to say though that the Opteron works will in a lot of situations. You may want to look into a server that utilizes those types of CPU's.
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    They're roughly equivalent, in my experience. If one is cheaper, go for that one. Otherwise... I'd probably go for the Opteron, just out of personal preference.

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    I too have run on both Xeon and Opteron. In my experience i've noticed that when the load gets a little high, the Opteron stands up better then the Xeon. Say the load gets up to 2.0, you can barely tell with the Opteron, but the Xeon acts a little worn down.

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    yep, Opteron 270 works better than Xeon servers.

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    Definately the 270
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    I have both running right now, and I both have the same amount of clients on them. The Intel runs loads a little lower, but that could be due to what the clients are running. Memory runs at about the same as well. It is usually whatever suits you best. I would believe the Woodcrest would be a better deal than both.

    Try checking out benchmarks.

    Hope that helps.
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    Definitely the Opteron 270. if you were comparing it to a Woodcrest Xeon (5100 series) it would be close, probably an edge to the Woodcrest, but the Opteron 270 should knock the socks off a 5000 series Xeon.
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    Opterons would beat the all the older Xeons, but clock for clock the Woodcrest beats the Opterons. In some cases a lower clocked Woodcrest can beat the Opterons.

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    270! I have used Intel Processors (not the 5000 series but others comparable to the 270) and the 270 has always been the better bang for the buck

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    The Opterons serve much better in apache benchmarks, although the new Xeons (5100s) beat the opterons pretty badly in databases...

    Depends what you need, I'm pretty sure the Opteron is better in both than the 5000 series.

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    I concur with Devon - the new Woodcrest 5100's - especially the 5160 -, are superior to the AMD's for transaction volumes, but for how long we don't know

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    Thanks to GELucas to start a sunch topics, actually I was looking for this comparison since long time.


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    I'm making a big big powerpoint comparing a lot of the features of each model, both opterons and the different xeons. Will be in posted in the week hopefully..
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dynu Douglas
    I'm making a big big powerpoint comparing a lot of the features of each model, both opterons and the different xeons. Will be in posted in the week hopefully..
    Any updates on that?

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    Well...I've now had both. For what I use them for (VPS's) the openvz Kernel has a CPUunits number...and here's how the numbers go:

    ser1 P4 2.8Ghz = 141033 CPUunits
    ser2 PentD-Dual = 300749 CPUunits
    ser3 Woodcrest = 641685 CPUunits
    ser4 PentD-Dual = 346896 CPUunits < my only 64Bit Centos
    ser5 Dual Opt 275 = 442658 CPUunits

    This is just what Openvz gives me...but it does give you an idea how they least with one type of benchmark.

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