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    Hello everyone, the holiday season is coming soon and I've got a lot of people to buy for and well, I just need some extra cash to do so, so Im getting rid of Devstock.



    Registrar: (free switch to free account)

    About: Devstock is a farely new forum that has only been up less then a month and has only been opened (advertised to public) for a few weeks now. Its a Web Developers forum much like Sitepoint, WHT and other sites of that nature. The catch to this site though is there is a members section were members can register and pay a small fee to get access to downloads of premium templates, scripts, games, and more.

    Activity: There is a lot of activity, and the members have started registering since about last week so its growing farely well, I havn't really put any work into getting people there and registered though.

    ALL STATS AS OF NOVEMBER 1st - NOVEMBER 17th (on nov 17th stats show up for only a few hours of the day)

    Monthly Stats:

    Daily Stats:

    Countries Stats:

    Bot Stats: (for first 2 1/2 weeks of the month)

    Referrers & Engine listings (Other referrers include Namepros, Sitepoint, Webhostingtalk and several other sites including some news sites)

    Keywords and Searches:

    Revenue: There is some good revenue, this doesnt even include any advertising sales, if you sold advertising on the site you could make a BUNDLE.

    The premium memberships and such have only been advertised once, if you advertise it good you can get ALOT!

    Premium Memberships (Special opening price, can easily be raised.):

    Adsense Earnings (for only the past week or so):
    -The adsense was put up recently, I have made a few cents from dates before, off and on due to one adsense being setup for a short time while working on site.

    Included In Sale: Domain
    -Custom Unique designed website
    -Custom Unique designed forum skin (ipb 2.x.x)
    -IPB 2.x.x License, Expires Oct. 2007
    -Mysql Database with all posts etc.
    -Rights to any tutorials, unique articles etc. on site.
    -Resell Rights on all premium items added to premium area already.

    ~*~Special Included~*~
    I Will also include a collection of items for you to add to the premium database for your premium members in hopes of getting even more members and have more to sell, you will have resell rights over all the items:
    - 15 High Quality Flash Templates
    - 85 PHP Scripts
    - 50 E-books
    - 800 Logos

    Why buy?
    Well first of all, In only about a week It managed to make about $25.00 in adsense, In just one day of advertising its premium membership it pulled in $10.00, also it has complete custom unique designs done by me that no one else will ever have, and it also includes the forum license! Included also is almost 1,000 items to add to the members database to offer to premium members. And last but not list, in the first 2 1/2 weeks of the month its already had 6,000+ Visitors, which the majority starting coming about a week ago when I started advertising, this is a must buy!

    Payment Method: PAYPAL

    Starting Bid: $500.00

    Bid Increments: mimimum of $10.00

    BIN Bid: To be set

    Auction? Why yes, yes it is.

    Auction Ends: November 26th, 2006 - or when I decide to accept an offer.

    - To potential buyers, you keep the premium members section open to any premium members due to they have already payed for an introductory lifetime download, so please try to keep it open if you take over.

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    Starting bid: lowered to $300.00

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