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    email forwarding vs POP

    I use a raq4 to host a number of websites. Up to now I have always handled email addresses by using mail forwarding to an email address provided by an ISP. I always set up [email protected] to go to one ISP email and [email protected] to forward to a different ISP email.

    Instaed of email forwarding I would like to set up POP email boxes to "collect" email from using outlook. I would like one POP box for catchall and a differnet POP box for the rest.

    The problem is I am new to RaQ's and my expertise is mainly web design rather than server administartion. I haven't got a clue how to go about doing this.

    Can anyone offer advice on what I need to do to set up the RaQ for POP boxes and what I need to put in outlook to receive??

    any help appreciated


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    I know how you feel...I am a web designer who has found himself administering a RAQ4. I have only been going a couple of months and I am still learning heaps.

    The answer to your question is to set up 2 users. Don't enter any email forwarding details for either. Each user will have a distinct username and password. One user will have the 'catch-all' alias and the other will have a distinct email address.

    The next step is to configure your email client to check your RAQ4 server for mail. In Outlook Express go to Tools > Accounts > and then click "Add" > "Mail". Enter the Account name and the email address. Click "Next".

    Under "Incoming Mail" and "Outgoing Mail" enter for both. Click "Next"

    Enter the username and password that you set up for the user on the RAQ4.

    Click "Finish" and your done. Give it a whirl and see how you go.

    Martin Daly (also very Newbie so take my advice with a grain of salt!)

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    Thanks. I managed to crack it anyway and your advice is absolutely right. When I frist took out the RaQ the supplier advised me to mail forward and thats what I have been doing since. I am glad I now know how to use POP boxes, its much better.

    The only thing that I do differently is I send all outgoing mail using my ISP's SMTP server. I have heard that using the raq to send outgoing mail is insecure and spammers can route all their mail through your RaQ. I am not expert enough to know how much of a risk this is, so I take no chances!

    Thanks again


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