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    [FS] IntelloDesk License for SALE! Starting with a discount of nearly $200!

    HIGHEST BID: n/a

    I'm going to be traveling to Singapore to attend THIMUN Singapore on November 27th, and I need a bit of extra cash while there, so I'm hoping to sell my IntelloDesk license ASAP.

    IntelloDesk is a next generation, intelligent client support system! Created with PHP/MySQL technology, and built with quality customer service in mind. (Quote from AvidInteractive)

    IntelloDesk's key features include:

    - Dynamic Tabbed Interface
    - A.S.K. (Automatic Suggested Knowledgebase)
    - Enhanced Knowledge
    - Ticket View Tooltips (Staff Panel)
    - WYSIWYG Knowledgebase Management (Internet Explorer Only)
    - NetworkQuery Staff Tool

    Additional features can be seen here:

    Original Order Page:

    NOTE: Comes with IntelloAlert for free!

    The license was purchased back in 2005 for a project, but as I stated, it has fallen through and I now no longer need it. The current pricing of IntelloDesk on the website is $249.99. It is now, your chance to save at least $100 on it!

    Starting Bid: 60 USD
    Increments: 10 USD
    BIN: 175 USD

    Auction ends November 25th, GMT+8 10 PM.

    I guess that's about it.

    Then... do we have our first bid at $60?

    ** I have the right not to sell if the final price does not meet my reserved price.
    ** Payment should be made within 72 hours after the win. Would be great if it was done within 10 hours after the end, as then, I'll be able to withdraw the money before I go and will be able to send you the license faster. If the payment is paid a bit later, then I'll be able to send the license over after December 2nd, which is when THIMUN finishes.
    ** If the winner drops out, the auction is resumed at that price with an addition of48 hours, and open to any new/old bidders. If no bid is made, the next highest bidder receives the license.
    ** License transfer request will be sent into AvidInteractive as soon as the payment is confirmed by me.
    ** If sold at BIN...
    **** (1) permanent featured link on HTTP Archive, U6 Directory, U9 Directory
    **** (1) Pack of GSS games (1700+ games) or pack of GS games (1000+ games)
    **** If sold at BIN, I will cover the transfer fees for the license. If not, the buyer provides the fees.
    ***** BIN it within 24 hours of this post and get a FREE one way link on a predicted PR 5 website, Wired Zune.
    ** Auction posted at WHT, DP, and NP.
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    You need to verify the license with Avidinteractive BEFORE posting this for sale. They will provide you with a "V-code" to verify that the license can be transferred. Once you have this, you need to open a ticket at the WHT helpdesk ( so we can verify the code.

    Please also refer to the WHT rules on auctions:

    Rules regarding auctions:

    Auctions must be conducted under the following guidelines.

    If you are selling:

    1. If you have a reserve, start the bidding at your reserved price.
    2. Clearly post an end date and time expressed in GMT.
    3. State accepted payment methods.
    4. If an auction is not exclusive to WHT, you must display the URL(s) within the thread.
    5. End the auction at the end date and time you stated. Or when the "Buy It Now" price is reached, if you listed one.
    6. Transfer ownership to the winner.

    If you are buying:

    1. You are responsible for the bids you post. Bid only if you plan to buy.
    2. Publicly post your bid.
    3. If you win an auction, pay the seller.

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    Sorry tickedon. I was copy+pasting for all three threads.

    Anyways, the reserve price is now gone, so I will accept a sale, even if it ends at 60 USD.

    DP Thread:
    NP Thread:

    Payment will only be accepted via PayPal.

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    License Sold.

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