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    Quickbook online Store shopping cart integration

    I am looking for reliable hosting company which does:
    --Integration & Automation for QuickBooks:web orders should automatically booked as sales orders in QuickBooks.(similar functions of
    -- Merchant Solutions.

    Please let me know which are best hosting companies

    Thank You,

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    hosting and e-commerce are two separate things. osCommerce integrates with Quickbooks see this:,quickbooks Thereare many hosts who can host your osCommerce store.


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    Who is reliable hosting company which can provide:
    Oscommerce shopping with Quickbook integration


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    Most hosting companies can provide you with you with the eCommerce software you need. The challenge will be to find a host that will give you a good price and reliability. There are a lot of good hosts out there. My suggestion is to first research which shopping cart software you want to use and then research a host that will support it. You can find plenty of hosts that you can install software on. But if you are just starting out and need help it would be nice if your host is familiar with the software so they can help you. JMHO.

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    Hello Vsatec,

    Like some said here, osCommerce can be integrated with Quickbooks, however there is a difference between a hosting company and a web development company.

    Some web development companies also offer hosting, in this case if you want to have support for osCommerce and maybe even change the design of it to match your corporate image, instead of looking for a hosting you need to look for a reliable web development agency that also does hosting.

    Regarding the merchant account, there are several solutions and you can basically shop for the one that gives you the best rates. For osCommerce I recommend you use as a payment gateway. The following are the aproximate rates you can get right now: $99/set up, some even give it free, $7.5 per mont
    Merchant Account free set up and maybe $5 statement fee a month
    Discount rate, try not to go beyond 2.2% for Visa and Mastercard.

    If you need any help please post here, I will be more than welcome to give you some more advice.
    Jorge Campos | WBpro
    Web Building Professionals

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    Zen cart will also export and import information from quick books you can also look at there site or go to to see hosts that have been certified by them.

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    Pete over at the Small Business Forums might be able to give you some advice on Quickbooks etc

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