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    Talking Need Logo for non-profit site

    I am looking for someone to make a logo for a non-profit site. I am paying so no worries, not looking for anything free but looking for a very good looking logo at an affordable cost.

    What I need is the website name (of course) built into the logo and then the graphic part of the logo will be a Trash Can with a "Hobo" or "Bum" leaned up against it with beer bottles surrounding it and then maybe buildings in the background with broken windows and graffiti.. LOL.. yes crazy but I am looking for someone fun to work with on this..

    Any takers?



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    do you have AIM or msn?

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    Quote Originally Posted by marcom10
    do you have AIM or msn?

    sorry PM or email only right now.



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    PMED you........

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