We will have an HP Proliant DL380 Available on December 15th configured
as follows:

2 XEON 2.8 Processors
2 Power Supplies
6 36.4 Gig Drives which can be configured as a RAID 5 using all the drives or a RAID 5 using 4 drives and keeping one as a hot spare.
2 GIG ECC Memory
1 TB transfer per month.

This is not a white box server, it is a reliable HP Proliant. Dual Procs, Dual Power Supplies, 8 Hot Swap Fans, 6 36.4 Gig U3 SCSI Hot Swap 10K RPM drives.

Depending on the config above you can lose 1 or 2 drives and just keep going.
Free replacement of any drives or power supply is included.
If a drive fails we pop it out and replace it and it rebuilds automagically, no down time. Same with a bad power supply.

If you are sick of servers that are build from consumer components, that have a single IDE drive in them and a light duty power supply, then this is for you.

This is well built and uses a LOT of electricity, just the power bill for one of these is over $35 per month.

UPS, Generator. The Integrated Lights Out feature is there if you are familiar with it. Mixture of

Once you make the transition from light duty servers that fail and cause you all kinds of problems to a professional server with redundancy, you will never go back.

$350 per month, no control panel, install of your Windows, or install of any Linux Distro.
4 GIG ECC Memory instead of 2 Add $15 per month.
Direct Admin add $10 per month

Jim Nelson
[email protected]
In business since 1997