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Thread: mysql question

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    mysql question

    This question might have an obvious answer but I want to know how you guys would handle this.

    I want to run resource intensive queries on my production database, without affecting its overall performance.

    One solution I have which I had not implemented yet includes the following

    1. Disable ability to preform inserts/updates for said site/feature on the production database
    2. Replicate the databse to a different server.
    3. Run my queries on the replica db.
    4. Replicate these changes to the master.
    5. Re-enable insert/update ability on said site/feature

    What are your ideas or solutions?

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    See the below link to know moreabout mysql replication.
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    Quote Originally Posted by linuxcares
    See the below link to know moreabout mysql replication.
    Yes I am well versed on using the MySQL manual, thanks for asking. This is not the kind of response I was looking for, but I guess I should have known better.

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