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    * Hard Drive Crashed!


    Please let me know if someone can help me, i am running a Windows Based server, suddenly server went down, and when the Engineers tried to reboot it gave "OS not found error on boot". So they installed a Fresh Windows on a new drive and added the previous one as Secondary for backup purpose, when server got up, i tried to open the Secondard Hard Drive (One With Old Data for Backup) it gave "Drive Not Formatted Error!" asd asked to get my drive formated. When i also checked the propertis of that drive it shows 0 Bytes used and u bytes free means drive is totally unrecognised by Windows ( Just like a Brand new Drive) so if i will format i will loose my data... could anyone give a sugestion like how to access older hard drive any software... or any other software which recovers data from Formated Hard drives completely.

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    you dont have backups? o_O

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    For free you can use the live cd. It has data recovery utilities. Of course the downside is that the datacenter would have to load it on the servers cd drive for you if you don't have access. You should also be somewhat (not much) familiar with Linux.

    I have used this with success before. The cost is minimal compared to losing your data forever.

    Good luck!
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