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    SoftLayer Review - 1 Month

    I switched from to SoftLayer at the end of September, it's been a little over a month now and I wanted to share my results.

    I had a total of 4 different servers with EV1 from early 2003-2006. I drove 15 hours to attend EV1s 5-year birthday party in Houston. I've never had any major problems with EV1, but overtime the quality of support I received and the "WOW" factor quickly deminished. The responses I got on several tickets and phone calls over the last few months was just not up to par with the great service I'm used to from EV1. So, when it came time to upgrade servers, I decided to switch to SoftLayer.

    I picked up a Dual Opteron 248 with 3 x 10k RPM 73GB SCSI in RAID 5 and 3GB of RAM.

    After talking with Mary (who was MORE than helpful and friendly), I ordered the server at 10:30PM on a Thursday night. The server was provisioned at 1:15AM, well within the time I was told.

    The next day I started to feel my way around plesk and setup my site. I had a few questions that required a support ticket and they were answered within 15-20 minutes.

    Since then, I've migrated my biggest web site to them and seen a marked increase in speed. I signed up with TouchSupport to manage my server and while working with them had to open up a couple more tickets with SoftLayer to answer questions and fix a couple small issues (firewall, permissions on /tmp, etc.) Because these were administrative tasks, I was charged $3 per ticket, but they addressed them quickly and ensured I was happy with the resolution.

    I'm looking forward to growing with SoftLayer. In the future, I can request the processors be upgraded to the Opteron 270 (Dual Core), or the Quad Core's when they come out in Q1 '07. I hate moving servers and hopefully, with the large array of upgrade options and the configuration of the private network, I'll be able to add servers, upgrade processors, and scale equipment to meet the needs of my site.

    While a month is certainly not enough to base a decision on, it's been a great experience so far. I would highly recommend them.

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    We were with EV1 and due to their bad support and response time we switched to SoftLayer 5 months ago. What i can say here is SoftLayer is the best.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TrueFact

    We were with EV1 and due to their bad support and response time we switched to SoftLayer 5 months ago. What i can say here is SoftLayer is the best.
    I also recently ordered a dedicated server from SoftLayer. I have a coder working on a project for me, and here is his comment: "One question:

    Which is your hosting provider ? Do you have dedicated server ?
    I ask you this because it is one of the fastests servers I've worked with... the ftp is incredibly fast ! and I have just a slow 256 dsl connection !"

    I use Linux with cpanel and have the server managed by Platinumservermanagement. The combination of SoftLayer and PSM has been very satisfying.

    As we know from reading threads in this forum, many companies begin well but end up below average. I hope SoftLayer and PSM will never compromise their standard.

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    In my experience, SL has been pretty quick and clueful in their responses. In contrast, I've sometimes gone "EEK!" with the cluelessness from the SM/TP ticket replies.

    Things have been pretty OK there for a while (no downtimes), so if they stay that way, it's definitely a host to recommend.

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