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    Move 2 sites from VPS to dedicated?

    Hi, Right now I'm hosting 2 fairly high traffic sites on the PowerVPS "LINUX CPANEL POWER-1" plan. The VPS is starting to get slow at peak times, and the CPU usage is often hovering around 75%, peaking to 100%. Right now I've got a lightly loaded server with these specs:

    AMD64 3800+
    2 GB RAM
    160 GB Hard Drive

    I'm wondering, if I was to move these two "higher traffic" sites onto this server how much would performance suffer server-wide?

    Just FYI, both sites run forums (one uses vBulletin, the other uses phpBB) and they both average around 6-8k unique hits/month, with one of them skyrocketing into the xx,xxx # of hits for a 3 month period (its a sports site)


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    traffic you say is not very high for a 256MB VPS.
    I host a website with more than 12,000 unique visitors daily on a 256MB VPS and load never goes over 0.5. the website uses a simple php script, but your traffic is not high even for a forum on a VPS.
    maybe by doing some configuration on your VPS situtation become better.
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