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    How to fax PDF flyer with WinFax Pro 10 - Urgent help needed

    I am using WinFax Pro 10 and want to fax a PDF flyer to my clients. When I try and attach the PDF file in Winfax, Winfax reports that it is printing the attachment, but then simply opens the PDF in Acrobat, but does not actually attach the file to the fax to be sent.

    Where am I going wrong on this? I can't get it to attach any files for that matter.

    Appreciate any ideas.

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    Does Winfax 10 have a printer driver?

    Why not just open the PDF in Adobe, and then click on File --> Print. Then, choose WinFax as your printer.

    I'm not sure if it will work that way, but give it a shot. Every fax program that I have ever used has had some type of printer driver.

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