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    MaximumASP Comments/Experiences?

    Looking at a dedicated Windows server from MaximumASP, possibly one of their discounted servers. Does anyone have any comments on experiences with them in terms of performance, support, downtime, etc? What is the perfomance of their shared SQL Server like?

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    We started with MaximumASP a few years ago. Support is excellent (some of the best that I have ever dealt with). Network is good (it was better when they were with DataPipe way back when). Uptime... excellent even though they had a couple of blips when they moved to their new datacenter (to be expected).

    To reiterate, support is knowledgeable, quick and thorough... best of all, they can be reached by phone or ticket. I had Shannon from support call me one time to let me know that there was a problem with the server that I did not even know about. Now that's proactive

    Good luck to you!
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