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    Anybody using Registron / ?


    Our site is hosted by registron, and its been down since this morning. I dread to think the amount of money we have lost as a consequence.

    I usually deal with somebody called Adam, but he has not responced to my emails. He actually failed to respond to an extremely important message a month ago. Tried ringing the registron/ phone number - I get an automative answer message saying they are short staffed.

    Is anybody having problems with these?

    I cannot run my business - No website, no emails - nothing!

    Extremely unhappy and stressed out!

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    Welcome to WHT!

    What is the url to your site? looks as if it's up and working fine.

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    apparently registron and 2host are hosted on different servers anyway

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    I've seen "Adam Smith" post on here before. He used to respond to my enquiries within minutes.

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    Adam is usually pretty reliable, from what I have heard. It seems that your site is working now -- did Adam get back to you?
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    Quote Originally Posted by adakist
    Adam is usually pretty reliable, from what I have heard. It seems that your site is working now -- did Adam get back to you?
    Nope he hasn't got back to me and what a mess he has caused.

    The server my website is being hosted on must have been wiped out, as our website has lost all orders from the 14th November onwards. Uploaded products have been lost. The SSL certifcate has been backdated so people cannot log in securely. And most tragically, our protx payment system doesn't work - so people cannot pay.

    Adam used to be extremely reliable, he was even available even on sundays. But a month ago, for some reason, the posting IP address that is used to process our payments changed - emailed adam to get a new address, but no reply. Took all day to figure it out myself and lost loads of sales.

    Today, i'm going to have to sort this mess out! When i was planning more importing things.

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    I use them for my domain names,

    Cheap and relieable, and adam is great to deal with if something goe's wrong!

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