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    Centos 4.4 on supermicro 6015B-3V

    We are planning on setting up our first colo centos 4.4 box.

    This is the configuration

    Super Micro 6015B-3V server

    SuperMicro ZCR card with 256mg (Adaptec 4000SAS)

    Supermicro IPMI card AOC-SIMSO(+)

    4 Hitchi 74 gig 15K SAS Drive

    2 - Woodcrest 5130 Dual

    4gigs memory

    We would like to run the 4 SAS drives in a raid 10. Is there any problems running a raid10 on centos 4.4?

    Also for the centos experts out there.

    Can centos run out of the box with this configuration? Or will I need to look for drivers for any part of this system to get a stable install?

    Any help would be appreciated so things go smoothly


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    Thanks I will look thru that

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