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    quick ebay question. HELP!

    So I just sold my half life 2 account online via ebay. The guy used buy it now for $45 and has paid me via paypal.

    I dont have the CDs or anything because I bought the game via steam. How can I securely send him the account info with out him saying that he never recieved and trying to refund his money via paypal?

    Is there anything I should do prior to sending him the account information in case I need to prove that he recieved what he paid for?


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    put it in an envelope and send it return reciept requested.
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    Yup as dave b stated always use delivery confirmation and you are safe and cover the back end.

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    sorry but im not sure exactly how to do that. Do you mean write it down on a peice of paper and mail it? If so then I can probably just take it up to the post office and they can figure out how to do all that stuff lol

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    Write it down, print it off, whatever. Stuff it in an envelope, set it as return receipt requested (as stated earlier), and you'll have the proof you need for PayPal.

    Make sure to keep track of tracking numbers, etc.

    Go down to the local post office and they'll be glad to help you.

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    Old school methods are always the best.

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    all methods above are great tips. I got ripped off by an ebay user because of this.

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