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    [REQ] PHP/Designer Expert Looking for Work


    It's been a while since I've been on WHT but I'm back and looking for some projects to work on.

    I am a skilled PHP/MySQL programmer looking for freelance or employed work (part time). I am a quick and efficient worker so you can see your vision set into motion much sooner than you expected.

    XHTML, CSS, JavaScript - 8 Years
    PHP / MySQL - 5 Years
    LAMP - 5 Years
    Web Usability - 4 Years
    Web Maintanence - 6 Years
    WordPress - 2 Years

    Portfolio and Resume: - Design and coding - Design and coding - WordPress customization - Coding - Coding - Design and coding - Design and coding

    Resume: (Full resume with all references will be supplied upon request)

    Further portfolio works: and

    Looking For:
    All freelance or employed work regarding design, development, or customizations. Also interested in web maintanence and working further with WordPress blogs. Please, no projects with a budget lower than $100.

    You can contact me at all times via email, or by IM after 3:30PM EST.

    Email: dev|at|melchior/dot/us
    MSN: msn|at|melchior/dot/us
    AOL: TenchiWs
    YIM: i_am_melchior

    Thank you all for your time and I hope to be hearing from you soon. :-)
    Web -
    Contact - [ AOL: WiredPrg ; YIM: wiredprogramming ; MSN: msn[at] ]

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    i tired you on AIM, you are offline

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    Sorry, I won't be available on IM until after 3:30PM EST today. You can email me any time though. Sorry for the inconvenience.
    Web -
    Contact - [ AOL: WiredPrg ; YIM: wiredprogramming ; MSN: msn[at] ]

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    Just want to drop a recommendation about this guy.
    He is a great person to work with, very fast and a great coder.
    If this was eBay, I would have given him A++++!

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