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Thread: gift ideas!

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    gift ideas!


    What tangable free gifts would you guys recommend buying for hosting customers?

    And any recommended websites?

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    Depends what your clients like and what you want to give out.

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    For the bulk of customers, a gift certificate from They get to choose what they would like. A nice touch.

    For the "high end" customers, we have gift baskets drop-shipped so the whole office can enjoy:
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    USB flash drives to remind them to back up everything.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hosting Buzz
    USB flash drives to remind them to back up everything.
    Just give them some obsolete floppy disks! They're slow, small in capacity and wont go in most modern PC's!!!

    Nah, flash drives is actually a good idea! But i'd have go with inet7. Ideal, simple and in a way cheap and rewarding!
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    Amazon gift certificates are a wonderful way to show your hosting customers you appreciate them. You can send them via email, to simplify delivery, and then the customer can pick out their own "tangible" gift.

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    Personally, I have found the best way is to credit them one month free or so, mentioning that it is this time of the year where wallets tend to shrink so you are giving them small support.
    I usually get good referrals and thank you notes out of that. eventhough the charges are low, but it stays in the heart. even new customers are usually offered that once signed up, they usually say wow good service.
    One time we sent goods like hats and t-shirts, and wall clocks for didicated servers... we did not see the impact.
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