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    name servers ip address


    I am having a wierd problem with my registered name server settings!

    It says my record is assigned to the IP:
    This is correct!

    However, when I assign a new domain and it says: (NO GLUE) CA (NO GLUE) GB

    I cant understand where its getting the from as ns1. is not pointing there!

    Does anybody know what is going on?

    Help would be appreciated!

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    5,068 is the IP address of

    Should there be any wrong address you would need to correct it in the nameservers responsible for, which are - Is your site up?
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    Is where the name servers point to!

    But thedomain registered with namecheap has name servers registered under it also:

    but when I point some domains to and and do a dnsreport, sometimes it resolves to: (NO GLUE) CA (NO GLUE) GB

    which are different IP's to the ones registered with namecheap!
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    why dont you ask the company???????????

    they will surely solve your prob...

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