CityPics.org underwent some major changes today and I would like to invite you to check them out.

The most prominently is public access to all photos. You do not need any longer an account to view the high resolution versions. Just browse the galleries and click on any photo you'd like to see big. Of course registration is still free and now comes with additional benefits as well. By signing up you can
  • rate your favorite photos
  • post your comments about photos
  • see the exact satellite locations
  • upload and share your own pictures
  • experience the site completely free of ads

CityPics.org - The world at your fingertips

About CityPics
CityPics is a web community for people to share, upload, publish, rate and discuss pictures and photos of all various cities and towns in the world.
The idea behind CityPics is to provide a platform for everyone to share photos of his own or any other city from all over the world (from Arnoldstein over Melbourne to Zurich).

The difference to similar sites is CityPics does not seek to present just the highlights in the best possible way but to show actually each city in its everday's life. When you browse through CityPics' galleries you won't find the typical tourist pictures or the usual shots from travel agencies but impressions from people actually living there. CityPics' intention is to let you feel and experience how it is to live in a particular region.