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    Strange problem with Form Mail

    I have a very strange problem when the line <input type=hidden name="required" value="name1,name2">, is used.

    If the name1 and name 2 fields aren't filled out and the form is submitted then I get this on the next page:

    Form Dump:

    And then listed under "Form Dump" is every value that is in my input type hidden name fields, including words like "print_blank_fields" & my email address.

    It doesn't matter which form I use. Right now I'm just using a simple 10 line one.

    If the required input type line is not used, this does not happen but I need that line.



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    Never mind. I put <INPUT TYPE="HIDDEN" NAME="missing_fields_redirect" in my html, and it fixed it.


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    It sounds to me like you're using a Form Mail script with some security issues, if the script requires you to post your email address within a hidden field! What script are you using?
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