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    coded myspace site with CMS

    Ok here is the design

    PM me to see admin CMS or with any questions.

    All games, layouts, categories, can be added/edited/previewed/deleted or downloaded all in the admin panel.

    Content/logos/site myspace profles can be changed in admin panel also

    Price: $50
    Add $5 and ill install it for you.

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    This is a turnkey site right?

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    yes its all ready and fully fucntional, just need to upload and change settings in the config files.

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    here is alittle snipet of the cms

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    oh, price is actually $20 not $50

    Price: $50
    Add $5 and ill install it for you.

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    Hmm shouldn't this be in other offers and requests? Its just a turnkey website..

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    anyone intereseted?

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    This site promotes itself as people use it, it posts a link onto their myspace so people that view that persons profile will see it and mostlikly click it, maybe even tell there firends about it. And having that link on their myspace will increse your backlinks and PageRank.

    Also if u buy eather today or tomarrow if u buy with the setup, ill toss in a bulletin ad to 5000 people on myspace free.

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