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    Limiting size of emails sent with CPanel?

    Is there a way to limit the size of an email being sent in CPanel. So if the limit was 10MB and the email they were sending out was 11MB, it wouldn't deliver the message...

    My clients ISP has this for their emails.... When sending an email, once the email got to a certain size, an email would be sent to him from his ISP saying that the email failed to send because it was so large.

    The reason my client wants this with our hosting is if one of his workers accidentally send a large email, it wont send to the receiver.

    If it did send, it would mess around with the receiver because the email wouldn't come through because of its size and would clog their servers.

    Any ideas?

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    Add this in the first part of your exim.conf file

    message_size_limit = 10M

    This setting should restrict both incoming and outgoing attachments over 10MB.
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