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    a site: sale subscribtions or publicity?

    I have just made an adult oriented site, the first day, with few publicity and showing only 1%, as a preview, of the whole content, I got 200 different users entering it. The second day same thing.

    But only one subscribed, so I was wondering if it could give more revenue through adds than through subscriptions I mean If I make it an open site.... instead of featuring 1% of the content I could feature the whole content.

    I know am not going to get 10000% more traffic, but I definitively would get quite more traffic with the added content...

    what do you think?
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    If it is really the first day as you said, than I wouldnt expect to much.

    If the visitors like the contents they will come back. Note there will always be window-shoppers, no matter how much you put in a preview.

    What was that URL again ? ;-)

    Just joking, no need to post.
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    thanks alot, today wee reached 1000 visitors, but still there is just one subscription!

    maybe I should go for adds???????????

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    I think you should wait. Perhaps until 100 days before you make decision to offer it for free.

    3 days or so could not give overall suggestion whether the site will be a hit or not.

    It's like picking fruits before they are ripe and say they are sour.

    Give more time.
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