Selling the site www.BigBoyFunny.com

I put about $60 into adwords on this, made some of it back on adsense, not sure how much as I didnt set a channel up before that adwords run.
BIN: $200

The site is running a script that pulls content automatically each hour. (run by cron job)

The script crawls 7 different websites every hour, collects media and shows it on the website. Visitors or the admin can also submit videos and pictures.
Submitted media is approved by administrator before showing on the website. The websites creates Myspace codes. All you have to do is copy and paste the code into your myspace profile. This functionality has proven to increase the traffic a lot.

Websites the spider crawls:

Whats included?

Complete ready to use website including the copy of the script and the domain name which is registered through godaddy.

The colors were all modified from the origional script.

I will install this on your host for free.(needs a mysql db and a cron job)


Successful requests: 14,831 (686)
Average successful requests per day: 636 (97)
Successful requests for pages: 1,167 (86)
Average successful requests for pages per day: 50 (12)
Redirected requests: 18 (1)
Distinct files requested: 812 (45)
Distinct hosts served: 331 (5)
Data transferred: 74.27 megabytes (5.35 megabytes)
Average data transferred per day: 3.19 megabytes (783.20 kilobytes)

More sites:

www.FunnyVid.net This autopulls content as well so you never need to upload anything unless you want to and takes off quick! I had another of these that without any advertising had a steady 9-10 on at anytime viewing movies. This does not take a lot of server space or load as the movies are not stored locally. START BID$50 BIN$120

www.wallpaperbabe.net - Free wallpaper site with an admin section. Aimed at a babe wallpaper theme. A few wallpapers are installed to get you started. This site is new. no traffic as of yet. Start bid $25 BIN $40

www.CelebDump.net - A ready to use Celebrity news or gossip site. Users can rate the stories, submit their own or submit the stories to other websites. This site has an admin tool to add the stories. This site is new. no traffic as of yet. Start Bid $30 BIN $50


www.funnyborat.com is for sale.. this would make a great borat blog, joke site, fan site,etc.. BIN $50

Auctions will end 24 hrs from now.

Please post ONLY if you are interested in this site.