Any opinions from folks with experience with M5 Hosting ( will be appreciated. I'm looking for a fairly low range dedicated server to run a phpbb forum with approximately 1000 members. We usually don't ever have more than about 20 people online at a time but it ocassionally spikes beyond that. I may start a second similar site in the near future.

Anyway, I'd love to search for info here about M5 but you can't search for a string that short and I can't seem to find any relevant info through other searches I tried.

I was drawn to M5 ( because they offer Ubuntu loaded servers and since I run Ubuntu and Windows at home, I'd feel most at home on an Ubuntu....or possibly Debian server.

As I said, opinions from people with experience will be greatly appreciated.

As info, we currently run on a semi dedicated plan from JaguarPC and they've been absolutely fantastic. We're not running out of room now, but we will eventually and I'd also like some extra space and control over the server. Plus, the larger I let the site get before moving will just make the move that much harder.