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    IntruGuard for ddos prevention?

    Anyone here with experience using the IntruGuard applieances?

    Any input on their or similar alternatives?


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    There was just a thread that touched on DDoS solutions here. Check it out for some more info.

    I'm not sure what IntruGuard's run, but I was just given a quote for a REFURBISHED Cisco Anomaly Guard module for the 6500 at $42,000. That's just the guard, not the (also required) detection module.

    That said, either a 6500 equipped with a SUP720 OR a Juniper router (even the 'low end' M7i) would be less money spent on a more flexible piece of hardware which would be very capable in mitigating DDoS.

    Remember of course that no matter how neato (or expensive) your appliance is, once your uplinks are full, they are full.
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