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    PHP & ASP & ASP.NET on one VPS Server?


    I currently have a resellers account and am looking to upgrade to a VPS server. Currently I am on a Linux server using WHM & cpanel. My current account only runs PHP/mysql. I would like to have the ability to run ASP (w/ Access), (w/ Mircosoft server) and PHP (w/ MySQL) on one server. 80% of my sites are PHP and to run both asp and php I am assuming I would need a windows based server. Is it a bad idea to run mainly php/mysql with a windows server?

    Also with my current account if the server goes down there is no back up server and my sites go offline. Is there a way to have two webservers and one db server? So if one web server goes down the other one kicks in?

    If anyone has suggestions/comments let me know,

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    If you get more than 1 VPS, you can easily setup redundancy in case 1 server goes down. With VPS technology, you can cluster as many servers as your budget allows, given that VPS's can be a lot cheaper than full dedicated servers (especially for usage as director/load balancers etc) where you don't need the full power of a dedicated server.

    If you want to run php and mysql on windows then so be it, it's going to cost a little more than linux (licensing reasons) but at least you'll get full support for asp and .NET etc.

    You could do ata over ethernet, multiple file servers running GFS, samba, frontend IIS web servers and frontend apache servers, seperate mail servers, mysql servers etc.. You can do a lot, it just depends on what you budget for, as to how redundant a setup you do.

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    You may want to to go to dedicated or just get a regular account. H-Sphere providers run on their windows servers asp.NET 2.0 and PHP. Then allow you to connect to mysql DB server. You could do what you want for under $20/mo. Now if VPS is a must you could still get multiple VPS account like stated by Dotable Steve. Just get one windows and one linux vps account and you can do it as well. But check out H-Sphere as you can have all the services you want on one account that you need also perl is installed.

    Hope this helps!
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