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    Wanted: PHP Expert (image uploader)


    I would like some extra work done to my image uploader, originally started by me but later modified by programmers whom I've hired in the comming years. Uploader itself is controlled by a master config and then the index file itself so its small. I'm looking to add a couple things and remove one. First view my uploader upload an image and the end result. I would like to change that result to this: so that all you need to do is copy and paste. Results can stay the same just add a text box area so you just copy it... can add something to the box like

    ondblclick="ClipBoard('textarea')" wrap="soft"
    So it copys it to your clipboard by just doubleclicking on the box if thats doable. THe textbox area needs to autoresize itself based on the URL it places in there so if the image name is long I don't want it to cut it off by wordwrapping and adding a space in there by accident. The results can stay cached giving the user an option to view their uploaded images if they want.

    Second request is the uploading part. It checks the file name to make sure its not already uploaded. Granite this a nice idea at the time so eliminate duplicate uploading but most have just gotten around that by renaming it. I would like that no matter the file name it will auto rename the file for me.

    Please post a bid here or PM me one. I can give you the scripts you can work with it locally and show me the results after your work is completed however youd like and I can paypal you compensation.

    Future plans are to create template files so that I can arrange color, style, news and links without hard coding them into the uploader. Something you could do as well? Let me know I may want you for future projects

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    Hi there, I'd be willing to make those modifications for $40~. I have MSN if you want to use that?

    Jonathan Nathanson - freelance website designer

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    Hey, I can do this for you for $35.
    I'm also contactable via MSN & E-Mail.

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    if still available.. contact me on yahoo messenger (not email)
    yahoo ID: prashant_snd

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