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    Please help me decide


    Which of the following hosts would you recommend or not? Price is not an issue here, more like features, reliabilty and support. I will be going for Windows 2000 Web Space with the decided one.


    Chris Heavey

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    NTT/Verio is the best !

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    Not DellHost
    This forum officially ****ing sucks

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    I thought that NTT/Verio was trying to get out of the shared hosting business. I'm proably wrong though.

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    Are they? Someone?
    Chris Heavey

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    Originally posted by the-admiral
    I thought that NTT/Verio was trying to get out of the shared hosting business. I'm proably wrong though.
    Last I heard ... your right there not getting out of it, just focusing on managed services. After the major lay-off a earlier this year it's been very rough as well as their merger. Not to bad-mouth them but I checked out their operations here in Englewood (we're in the same area) and it was a joke. The really big thing that bugged me was their use of technology they didn't upgrade anything, old versions of Windows, Unix, etc. When they scaled back their bandwidth provisioning from UUNet it made us the largest bandwidth provider in CO using UUNet.

    Again this is only my assumption, it could of changed in the past few months ... I'm not sure.
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    Definatly dont go Dellhost, Gearhost I hear has a pretty decent reputation.

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    if price is not an issue than =

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    I'm with GearHost ... and recommend them. Reliable, fast, good features and great control panel. Have a friend with NTT/Verio and has about 8 sites with them. He says mostly that once your settled their uptime is alright. Haven't heard about the others though.

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    verio - duh

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    Great! Thanks all!
    Chris Heavey

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    since I'm on this list I have to properly say this.

    with money no object, you have to commit yourself to the top 2 players.


    but at the same time then you should look at other options.

    example : dell and verio start i the 50+ range for a good amount of items. you could find it for 65% of that price within this forum. What do you have that needs the top 2.

    I explaind to a client tonight, do you really need 28 gigs of bandwidth or can you really do it in 10 gigs. finally after 3 hours of e-mails, I got to look at his usage rates. all he really needed was about 7 gigs ( that was with 40% margin of safety ) saved him a fortune ( cost me 20 in profits but a good client is worth it ) Can you imagine what that would cost at dell or verio. a fortune. Now I can understand that you pass me up if your ringing in $ 5000 per hour average on your web site, heck I can even understand you at $ 1000.00. but less than that, Nope.

    but anyway research and spend your money wisely.

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    Hi Chris,

    Given that price is not an issue, you are looking at the more important points, and you are definitely on the right track to a positive hosting experience.

    I'd love to say that you should seriously consider spherious, however we do not provide Windows hosting at this time.


    James Kruss.
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