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    Takeover: SharkTECH - AMD 4200+ Dual Core, 2 GB RAM, Win2k3 Std, 4500GB BW.

    I won't be using this server anymore.

    AMD 4200+ Dual Core.
    2 GB RAM.
    200 GB 7.2 KRPM IDE.
    100 Mbps Connectivity.
    4500 GB Outgoing Bandwidth (I've used 200 GB or less).
    Free Incoming Bandwidth.
    64 Usable IPs.
    IRC Allowed.
    DDoS Protection.
    No Control Panel.
    OS: Windows 2003 Standard Edition.

    Monthly price: $210

    I paid $310 for it ($210 + $100 setup fee for 1 GB ram extra).

    Server is due for Renewal on 11/25/06

    I'm looking for: ~$80 (Paypal).

    PM me with an offer, or contact me at: [email protected]
    I'm paypal verified, once we agree something I'll contact host to tell them about the takeover.

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    SharkTECH Features (note the free OS reinstall):

    # Free Services: 24/7 Technical Support, Reboots, O/S reinstallations
    # Firewall Service: All our servers are filtered using our DoS/DDoS mitigation mechanism with absolutely no extra charge!
    # Monthly Transfer: 4500 GB outgoing, unmetered incoming
    # O/S Availability: all major Unix distributions (FreeBSD, Linux) & Microsoft Windows 2003 Standard available
    # Unlisted O/S: you may provide us ISO image and license of any O/S of your choice and we'll install it for you
    # Other Services: Reverse DNS delegation & RWHOIS re-assignment are included to all our IP blocks
    # Managed Service: Management service is only available for FreeBSD and Windows 2003, It includes unlimited technical support with O/S or installed software issues but not fully managed support replacing your sysadmin's position

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