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    stupid dedicated question

    if i had a server with 2 hard disks mirrored using raid, and a hard disk failed: how would i know ones failed and which one it was ?

    most datacenters like ev1 wont do anything untill you send a ticket so how would an error be discovered?


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    Most common RAID controllers have a linux, freebsd, or Windows app available that could be used to query the status of the array. You would have to check to see what kind of RAID controller it is, then look for the appropriate software to monitor it. Of course, you would have to do this yourself, or hire an admin company to set it up for you.

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    Bodeba, how did you get to know that something is wrong with your server? Is it possible to "hot swap" on your server?

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    I just checked my RAID 1 server at SoftLayer, and it comes preconfigured to email SoftLayer if the controller encounters any errors. That's pretty nice

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