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    traffic direction per location?

    Is it possible to setup an account, or a script of some sort, where there are two servers for the same site, but depending where the traffic comes from to go to which server.

    Example: Server1 to receive traffic from the USA, and Server2 to receive traffic from Europe, but all under

    Is there a system or script for this? Im not even sure where to look or to begin.

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    bump, any ideas

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    If you want a real solution a place like is what you need.

    The other option is to look into GSLB - global server load balancing, the load balancers have ways of doing just that but they are very expensive.

    I am not aware of any cheap solution/script that can do it but I may be wrong.
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    Multiple dns entries will help do this quite well, actually. While this won't ALWAYS redirect traffic like you requested, it will actually do a pretty good job.
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