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    Windows VPS Suggestions/Advice...

    Looking for some suggestions/advice on a good US based VPS hosting company that could support the following:

    - Windows IIS Asp.Net 2.0 Framework based custom online booking application.
    - SQL Server backend database. (could possibly be a shared server).
    - Approx 7000-12000 booking transactions per month.
    - Need good reliability and uptime.

    Any suggestions in terms of actual hosting companies and also in terms of server specs?

    Would a VPS be sufficient or would a dedicated server be better suited?

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    what types of bookings, hotel/motel, ticket?
    Would any transactions be taking place after the booking as far as followups, addendums, etc?

    What about privacy matters, some regulations limit certain companies in what they can do with informations in backups and the like. The answer partially depends on what you are doing on if VPS or dedicated is best.

    VPS will of course be under the control of the host, backups and such will either be taken by you or by the host and stored off site, if this is ok by regulations VPS should do, 7000-12000 is really not that many in the whole scheme of things.

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    - Hotel and related bookings.
    - There may be cancellations after the fact.
    - There would also be user access for admisn and afflilate users of the site as well as end user accounts.
    - I don't believe we have any info that would be private in these bookings but will confirm on that before naking any decision.

    Considering the low volume that is why I was thinking possibly a VPS, however a dedicated is another option depending on pricing really.

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