RegFly it would be highly appreciated to post all you comments on this posting from me here as its something lots of your customers are dealing with!

So Please could you explain to me (please copy and paste your comments after each question)

Why is it that "Livesales chat" is not working while the icon shows Online? Its working now but it did not work 8 days!

Why is it that you post 24/7 support and when ringing I hear opening hours in not known time zone? I know because many time I am in the US that you guys even there have different time zones and excuse me Europe is also on the planet earth.

Why is it that your email notice is hardly working? Just now I received a bunch of emails (12) that should reach my inbox days ago

Why is it that your support is not making any reply on tickets opened for days?

Why is it that you don't clearly post on your website how to use funds in customers their account for renewal or new domain registers? Checking out there is ONLY an option for payment trough CC, Mail and such.
Very simple to make a script looking to the client their account and to automate their credit balance, for a couple of beers I can make you the script. Or is it you want more money on the registerfly account?

Why is it that you give domain expired for less than a month, in my case 2 days, to others so the owner has to buy this back for a minimum of $200.00?

Why is it that if the credit balance is just fine the auto renewal does not work?

Why is it that I had to open 5 tickets to get any answer from you?

Why is it that when I marked a domain to be whois protected I did have to send you 4 times a mail about this. In this case it has been a client, journalist who wanted to expose some fraud and because of the lack of making this domain private protected he got in trouble as his name and address showed up on whois.

more questions? I have plenty more as I am your client from 2003