UKAlive have recently introduced a new, Multi-Web package whereby you can host an unmetered number of domains on your account, for a simple 9.99 monthly fee or 99.99 per year. This account comes with the following features:

- 2.5GB Diskspace
- 2500 POP3 Accounts
- 2500 Autoresponders / MRAs / Forwarding etc.
- 5GB Bandwidth
- Unlimited Domains
- Unlimited Sub-domains
- Unlimited Web-Users
- Five MySQL Databases

- Online Control Panel
- Custom Error Pages
- Frontpage Extensions
- Secure Directories
- PHP4
- CGI-BIN (Perl, C, C++ etc.)
- Apache ASP Support
- Web Statistics
- Error Logs
- PhpMyAdmin
- Webmail
- Bandwidth Usage Report
- Online Billing
- Support Centre
- Technical Support

If you require more information, on this and our other packages (including a 250mb, 1.5GB, 29.99 per year standard account with the above features), please take a look at:

To order, visit:

More information/questions - e-mail: [email protected]

Kind Regards,

UKAlive Support Team