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    Need Solution for MS SQL

    How to provide solution for mssql client on linux. One of myclients has mssql based web site and need hosting. Can I provide him any solution. I have linux 7.2 os.

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    What you want to use for scripting PHP, JSP or ... ?/

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    Microsoft SQL Server won't run on Linux, it's Windows only.

    If you check this you will see it's possible to access an MS SQL Server database from a website hosted on Linux. There are various people who will sell you space on a shared MS SQL Server machine (at a price!).

    However, remember that unless the website server and MS SQL server machines are in the same datacenter, there will be some performance issues.

    How is he accessing the SQL Server data? If it's from ASP script (often the case) you'll find that ASP on Linux is not the same as "proper" ASP on Windows!

    Realistically, I think your customer is going to want an all-Windows solution (hosting on Windows 2000). The only other option is to convert the database to MySQL and the scripts to PHP, but you're talking a lot of work!
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