Since last night, Prolexic (DDoS protection company) seems to have quite a few clients who are dead in the water. Their own site went down for a while - though is back up now.

The problem is that apparently most of their clients who are on the proxies in their Florida data center are not reachable, and I've heard from two customers of theirs (who have their Top-Layer IPS / DDoS Mitigation devices managed by my company) who are being issues credits and have been told that there is no estimated time to being back up.

For our customers who get hit regularly with attacks of a few hundred MBPS, there's no issue, we just put them behind gigabit IPSs in our own data centers, though for the ones who get more than a few GBPS, we need to find somewhere else that can do the DDoS mitigation like Prolexic.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.