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    Looking for Web Programmer

    Hi All,

    I have a customer looking for what is essentially an ordering system for their website. I am no web guru, but I don't think the standard shopping cart package will do what the customer wants! But I could be wrong...!

    The customer is a freight forwarding/broker & courier company. They are currently using a simple form-2-email script for receiving pickup orders, but would like to update this and have customers login to a client area of their website.

    From there the customer can enter a new pickup order or view their past orders, for example the last 3-6 months. If entering a new order the customer has a number of fields to enter in relation to the pickup of the parcel, the type of parcel and the drop off. As many orders are repeated over time with much of the same information, the order system should allow a new order to be created from a past order and the fields populated from the old order, (Eg addresses, phone numbers, customer name) to speed up data entry time and the details of the new order can be overtyped in the field (Eg package size, time, date, etc) so it creates a new pickup request.

    The request could then be e-mailed to the head office to arrange and maybe an e-mail to the customer to acknowledge the order. Alternatively, the admin side of things could be done server side, instead of simply generating an e-mail to head office.

    The customer was hoping to be able to continue using their current webhost on a linux server - so I guess a PHP/mySQL combination would be preferred.

    At this stage, I am just wondering if there is anything 'off-the-shelf' in the script world that might do this, but if not, looking if such a project were possible and very approximate ballpark figures on how long such a project might take and possible cost, so my client can evaluate if it is worth progressing or sticking with the current form-2-mail script that is OK, but certainly could be more streamlined and refined.

    Feel free to reply here... I'm not too sure if I can send/receive PM's at present as it has been a looong time since I have posted a message here.

    Thanks in anticipation.



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    Re: Looking for Web Programmer


    I would be able to develop a custom script as per your posted requirements.

    Having 4+ year of programming experience in PHP & MySql.

    Contact me at any one of the following:

    Email : [email protected]
    MSN : [email protected]
    Yahoo : [email protected]


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    PM sent, you shouldn't have any problems recieving it. But if you do, do you have an email, IM program etc?


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    PM sent. Thank you

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    I m interested to work with you.
    My personal contacts are :

    Gmail : [email protected]
    Yahoo : [email protected]
    MSN : [email protected]

    I can assure you the complete satisfied work in deadline.

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    I recommend morsetech who is smart and hardworking

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    I can help you. Just PM me full task

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    Hi to all,

    Thank you to all for your responses, ideas and PM's. I will go through them with the customer and be back in touch with you soon. Based on the feedback here I think the client will go ahead, but of course it is up to him to decide and I will be back in touch individually with a more detailed brief of requirements.

    Best regards,


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