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    Intermittent timout on HTTPS - Rackspace baffled


    We are running RHEL4 over at Rackspace, customers are experiencing occasional timeouts when browsing https

    Firefox reports:
    The connection has timed out
    The server at is taking too long to respond.

    I have had this happened to myself while I had an SSH session on the server and nothing appears in any of the logs (checked all relevent)

    http is still browsable at the time and my SSH session did not drop.

    Anyone heard anything like this before?


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    Just to add:

    OS: RHEL4
    kernel: 2.6.9-34.0.2.EL

    As I said, this is being looked into by Rackspace, they are being helpful (though it has been an open ticket for two weeks which is why I'm looking for additional input)


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    If you have a firewall running on the box try clearing it to see if that affects is intermitent problems.
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    Recompiling Apache will fix this issue.

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    Hello Jeff

    It's actually not something that I had considered? (though should have been an obvious test)

    Ramprage, my gut feeling has been a firewall issue.

    I'll post if this gets fixed, in the meantime anyone else have input?


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    kernel: 2.6.9-34.0.2.EL
    That is pretty old now, they are up to 2.6.9-42.0.3. Suggest an upgrade, there has been known load issues in that kernel.
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